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1. DAILY MEMBERSHIP- are available to non-members on a daily basis. All guests must purchase and sign the daily release forms, abide by all TMCSC rules and regulations. Any person who enters our premises and not signing our release form will be considered as treaspassing. Daily forms and releases will be at the gate or office. Members are responsible for bring a guest and signing release forms. The daily fee for guests are a dollar unless, riding then the fee is $20.00 for the day. On race days gate fee's apply for the event.
2. SINGLE ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP- This type membership is available for individuals or single person. As a Single Asso. member you have use of the facility anytime you wish except during a scheduled race event. Example: if we are running a short or 1/2 mile you can use the hare scrambles or motox tracks. Otherwise you must pay to enter event area unless working. Release forms must be signed if working or watching or participating in a event. The membership fee is $75.00 a year.
3. FAMILY ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP- This membership allows the entire family to use the facility. This includes primary member, spouse, children, under 16 and grand children under 16. All rules are same as above #2 listed as single associate mbr. A family member is only $100.00 a year.
4. FULL SINGLE MEMBERSHIP- This membership is for an individual who wishes to take part in our total operations of the facility and be able to vote and must attend at least 6 meetings or work 6 events per year and wishes to hold a office. Some exceptions apply to those who live out of the area. The cost for a Full single membership is $50.00 year. You must be voted into the club for this membership.
5. FULL FAMILY MEMBERSHIP- This membership is for a family who wishes to take part in our total operations of the facility, and be able to vote. Must attend at least 6 meetings a year or work 6 events. Member can hold office. All members must be listed on application children and grandchildren must be under 18. Cost is $75.00 a year. You must be voted into the club for this membership.
6. LIFE MEMBERS- All life members have complete usage of the facility. Only exceptions are if life member does not hold office, help with events, work parties, etc., but uses the facility to ride, then that member must pay a yearly fee of $50.00. some life members have been given their memberships for special merits or have fullfilled their 20 year commitment with the club.
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